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Corner Pocket


The Corner Pocket copper-zinc-silver massive sulfide project spans 6,400 hectares and is located 25 km northwest of Corner Brook, Newfoundland. Corner Pocket is contiguous to the west, east and south of the York Harbour Metals Inc.’s massive sulfide project.

York Harbour

The contiguous York Harbour project of York Harbour Metals Inc. (formerly Phoenix Gold Resources Corp.) hosts significant semi-massive to massive volcanogenic massive sulfide mineralization including the past producing York Harbour mine. Historic mining and current and historic drilling have identified lenses from 1 to 26 metres wide over 600 metres of strike length. York Harbour has identified additional copper-zinc mineralization in the western and southern portions of the property that has yet to be explored.2

York Harbour drill highlights (drill widths, not true widths) include:

  • 2.70% copper, 9.04% zinc, 17.78 gpt silver, 164 g/t cobalt and 0.15 g/t gold over 25 metres
    • including 2.47% copper, 16.52% zinc, 36.43 gpt silver, 93 g/t cobalt and 0.31 g/t gold over 10 metres1
  • 1.69% copper, 0.13% zinc, 1.43 g/t silver and 125.14 g/t cobalt over 9.51 metres2
    • including 5.2% copper, 0.07% zinc, 2.57 g/t silver and 287.12 g/t cobalt over 1.54 metres2
  • 1.69% copper, 0.11% zinc, 2.83 g/t silver and 238.73 g/t cobalt over 9.54 metres2

Source: 1) York Harbour Metals Inc. News Release dated 2022-Feb-14 ; 2) Phoenix Gold Resources Corp. Management Discussion and Analysis for Quarter Ended 2021-Oct-31

Silver Sands cautions investors mineralization on the York Harbour property is not necessarily indicative of similar mineralization on the Corner Pocket property.

The exploration success of Phoenix Gold / York Harbour Metals at York Harbour has brought considerable focus to western Newfoundland. While the Corner Pocket property has seen very limited historical exploration, there have been undocumented reports of significant gossans on this ground the Company plans to aggressively follow up. York Harbour’s reports of copper mineralization in the western and southern portions of their claim block strongly suggests possible extensions onto the Corner Pocket property and further enhance the potential of the property

Keith Anderson, CEO & President


The Corner Pocket property covers a NNE/SSW trending synclinal fold within the Blow Me Down Massif which is comprised of the Humber Arm Allochthon/ Bay of Islands Ophiolite suite. The property hosts the upper and middle stratigraphy of the upper Cambrian to lower Ordovician Bay of Islands Ophiolite: a mafic sheeted dyke complex and massive gabbro. The Claim also contains a deeper serpentinized harzburgite and red arkosic sandstone, conglomerate, volcanic pillows and breccias of the Lower Cambrian Blow Me Down Brook Formation.

The targets are Cypress style volcanogenic massive sulfides within the Blow Me Down Massif within an ophiolite sheeted dyke complex. The lower Cambrian Blow Me Down Brook Formation also has potential to host volcanogenic massive sulfides.